Our Company was founded to accomplish something that we could not achieve individually: making a lasting contribution to those who serve in our nation’s defense – internally and externally.  Our fundamental purpose comes from our desire to continue to serve our nation.  Individually and as a company we want to give back, in some small way, to those who serve.

We do this by providing services of superior quality at a fair price, by providing the opportunity for our employees to work in a secure work environment and to achieve their personal objectives, and to promote civic improvement all the while earning an adequate profit which is required for our company to grow and prosper.  


Core Values

People.  We are defined by the people we hire and by how well we take care of our clients and each other.  We are a partnership where each employee is expected to contribute to the greater good of the company and in return shall share in the success which their work made possible. We are committed to developing leaders and managers from within.

Integrity.  We are resolute in demonstrating our integrity in our words and deeds.  We demonstrate our integrity by conducting business ethically, putting the customer’s best interests first, always accomplishing the mission, and delivering on all of our promises.

Value.  We provide value to our customers by delivering consistent, high quality services and products while maintaining competitive prices. We do this by hiring employees who share our values and sense of purpose, through continuous process improvement and quality management, and by keeping our organization lean.